SLS1 SERIES of Straight Side Single Crank Presses include 160-500 Ton Presses



  • Unitized straight side frame suitable for precise progressive tooling job.
  • “Zero angle” deflection of frame + cost effective in tooling maintenance work.
  • Greater slide area in comparison to the C type presses that can accomodate larger tooling to work more efficiently.
  • Patented high torque wet clutch/brake system provides low noise + long life operation with minimal maintenance.
  • Link drive mechanism with the slide stroke feature of low speed during working stroke and fast speed of idle stroke.
  • Soft touch of operand lower tooling eliminates excessive vibrations, heat & noise. Prolongs tooling life span + provides precise working component.
  • Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control. User friendly, multi-function control system allows for easy integration of auxiliary equipment + automation
  • Variable frequency drive is more energy efficient + saves up to 30% on electricity demand.
  • Designed + built to meet or exceed CNS 1st standards


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