Deburring and finishing have become important processes for many shops regardless of the size of the operation or the type of pieces produced. Deburring enables you to remove sharp, raised edges that remain stuck to a workpiece, while finishing gets rid of scaling and pitting to give workpieces a polished appearance and prepare them for additional processing.

During FABTECH Canada earlier this year, Jim Anderton, Director of Content for, stopped by Westway’s booth to connect with Scott Coyle, Sales Manager for Timesavers. During the course of their conversation, they touched on a variety of topics including:

  • The fundamental differences between finishing and deburring.
  • The benefits of rotary brush technology to effectively deburr without damaging sensitive surfaces (including plastic).
  • The role of automation in streamlining deburring and finishing processes.
  • Running small parts with the use of a vacuum belt.
  • Changing a setup with motorized adjustments and central control panels.

You can watch the video below or check out’s blog, which includes information about different finishing types and techniques as well as an audio clip of the interview.

Westway has been the Canadian leader in metal forming machinery since 1972 and is the exclusive distributor for Timesavers in Ontario. If you would like to discuss how a Timesavers deburring machine can work for your application, contact Westway today!

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