The Fabricator’s
Complete Guide
to Press Brakes

The Fabricator’s Complete Guide to Press Brakes

Press brakes are advanced pieces of fabrication technology used to bend materials, most commonly metal. Successfully bending means starting with the right machine and a thorough understanding of how to operate it.

Our guide to press brakes puts all the information you’re after in one place, helping you make the decision that’s right for you.

Press Brake Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about press brakes. If you’re wondering about a certain model or application, you need answers. And we’re here to give them to you.

Get the Answers to All Your Press Brake Questions

Press Brake Calculator

Calculating bending force can be straightforward or difficult, depending on the information available on a workpiece’s drawing and your experience with similar production runs. To save you the time it takes to determine tonnage, we’ve created a calculator.

Calculate the Exact Tonnage You Need

Buying Used Press Brake

Investing in a used press brake is often a financially-savvy choice. But you should make sure that the press brake is in proper working condition. Otherwise, the maintenance fees you’ll pay will offset your savings.

Read the Questions You Need To Ask

Read Our Latest Press Brake Articles

Check out our latest articles that include all the information that you need to know about owning, purchasing, and maintaining your press brake.

Learn About the Press Brake That’s Right for You

Electric vs. Hydraulic Press Brakes

The debate between electric and hydraulic press brakes never ends. Truth is, there isn’t a perfect answer. The choice depends on factors such as your shop’s needs and goals. We’ve put together some tips and broken down the standard qualities of electric and hydraulic press brakes.

See Which Style of Press Brake Your Shop Needs

Press Brake Basics for New Operators

New press brake operators have to know the basics. Though the training you’ll receive from your co-workers and management team is irreplaceable, it’s important to start with some general background information.

Learn the Basics of Press Brakes