Westway Machinery Attending FABTECH 2017 in Chicago, Illinois (November 6th-9th)

FABTECH, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event, is taking place this year in Chicago from November 6th to 9th. During those four days, the more than 750,000 square feet of event space at McCormack Place will welcome over 1,700 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees. FABTECH will offer a variety of ...

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4 Tips to Help You Get More Out of Your Press Brake

Technological advancements are making today’s metal forming machines like press brakes faster and more efficient than ever. In most shops, these newer machines will be working hand-in-hand with older ones, making concerns about maximizing efficiencies and reducing bottlenecks ever-present in the minds of operators. Canadian Fabricating & ...

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3 Things You Can Do to Keep the Slats Clear on Your Laser Cutter

Looking after your laser cutter properly is one the best ways to maximize its efficiency and productivity. One task that every operator needs to stay on top of is slat maintenance, making sure slats are clear of the slag that is formed and accumulates each time the laser cutter is used. Keep reading to learn about the issues that excess slag ...

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Is Automated Laser Cutting Right for You?

Automation is becoming increasingly common for metal fabrication shops of all types and sizes. Individual reasons companies turn to automation often vary, but ultimately they come down to one thing—increasing capacity, accelerating the speed of production, and boosting productivity to meet growing demand. Mazak Optonics recently put ...

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What Operators Need to Know about Automated Flat Part Deburring

Does this situation sound familiar to you? Your laser cutter operator unloads finished parts, loads a new sheet, and gets down to grinding burrs and slags off the edges. Once that’s done, he leaves the completed pieces to be picked up by a material handler before starting the process of unloading, re-loading, and grinding all over ...

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