Knowing When to Use a Metal Folding Machine

The folder isn’t the newest tool on the metal forming block, but it’s a machine whose popularity has been rising among shop owners over the past decade. For shops that routinely work with larger, more sensitive materials and do shorter runs, investing in a folder can be a smart business decision—helping you increase productivity while ...

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Westway Machinery Attending WMTS 2017 (June 6-8, Booth #251)

At the beginning of June, Westway will be travelling to Edmonton to attend the Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS). For over three decades, WMTS has been the place for industry buyers and sellers to find the knowledge and resources they need to stay up to date and competitive: Talk to the industry’s leading suppliers and learn ...

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SafanDarley: A History of Innovation [Infographic]

Innovation has continuously been at the heart of what SafanDarley does. The brand itself was born in 2012 when Safan and Darley merged, combining their rich heritages of producing industry-leading metal forming machinery. Today, SafanDarley is recognized as the leader in electronic press brakes and inventor of the SafanDarley E-Brake. The ...

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Westway Machinery Attending ROOFTech 2017 in Toronto (April 25-26, Booth #1607)

Later this month, Westway will be visiting the International Centre in Toronto for ROOFTech, Canada’s biannual roofing exposition. ROOFTECH is more than a simple trade show. It’s the go-to source for industry professionals looking to acquire valuable hands-on insights, take part in free seminars, and see installation demonstrations live ...

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What You Need to Know about Direct Diode Laser Cutters

Direct Diode Lasers (DDLs) have long been the elusive holy grail of laser cutters. Recent advancements in DDL technology, however, are paving the way to make direct diode laser cutters more accessible – enabling manufacturers to produce machines that can achieve better results with a range of materials (including varying types, thicknesses, ...

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