RAS has been producing cutting-edge metal forming machinery (including benders, folders, shears, and more) for more than 65 years.

Wilhelm Reinhardt began Reinhardt Machinenbau of Sindelfingen (RAS) in 1939. He started producing tools only a few years later before expanding to a bigger facility at the end of the 1940s. The decades that followed saw even more innovations – including RAS’ first folding machine in 1949, the first hydraulic-driven folding machine in 1954, and the first CNC-controlled folder in 1968. RAS opened its US branch in 1995 and continued to demonstrate its folding, flanging, punching, bending, and software developments and expertise through the 2000s.

Today, RAS is renowned for manufacturing high quality, high precision metal forming machinery engineered to succeed in any shop. Its industry-leading products can bend, cut, form, and punch a wide range of material types, thicknesses, and configurations.

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