Available Models



  • High Speed Cutting Line for High Tension Tubing (up to 120 kg / mm2), Stainless and Mild Steel Tubing
  • Automatic 8 Meters tube bundle loading and feeding system provides automation and convenience in cutting large amounts of tubes in sequence, suitable for high production environments
  • Suitable for both TCT Blades (for High Tension Tubing) and HSS Saw Blades (for standard tubing)
  • Electric Servo Controlled Feeding System
  • Electric Servo Controlled Cutting System
  • Magnetic Brake System for Powerful Gearbox + Saw Blade Holders for Cutting with TCT Saw Blades.
  • Crop cuts (first and last) may be automatically separated from working pieces for greater convenience
  • SOCO i2® Control System with Touch Screen and Graphical Interface for cutting process editing, setup and file storage
  • SOCO i2® Control System enables the shortest setup time and diminishes human error, through its intuitive software with recommendation systems for Cutting Settings based on material specs and saw blade.
  • Inverter System allows a wide range of cutting speed adjustments for different types of sizes and materials
  • Short setup time when changing tube diameters (3 ~ 5 minutes for most sizes)
  • Ability to cut round, square and profile tubing, as well as both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Quick Saw Blade Change for minimizing downtime.
  • Safety Covers with Internal Padding provide a safe and silent cutting process for greater operational comfort.


  • Size of Blade (TCT): 285 X 2.0t
  • Size of Blade (HSS): 175 – 275 mm
  • Maximum cutting length: 3000 mm standard
  • Minimum cutting length: 100 mm standard
  • Round Tube: 12.5 – 76mm
  • Square Tube: 10 X 10 ~ 70 X 70
  • Cutting Material Hardness: up to 120 kg/mm2
  • Cooling System: Oil – Air Mist System
  • Spindle Speed (with Inverter): 50 ~ 304 RPM
  • Number of Stoppers: 1
  • Number of Digital Readout Displays: 1
  • VOLTAGE: 575/3/60


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