SAFAN, the revolutionary technology company from Holland (or the Netherlands), has taken press-brake technology to new levels of sophistication in numerous ways that have reduced energy consumption and increased productivity.

Synchronized Electric Motors: SAFAN delivers its pressing force for its E-brakes through synchronized electric motors which transfer via belts and pulleys to the beam.  SAFAN has patented this drive principle, which has many advantages, including no hydraulic oil, low energy consumption, and higher productivity.

Productive Bending: Productive bending depends less on the theoretical speed of the beam than on the span of time in between bends.  Efficient press brakes optimize these functions as well as the beam speed.  Most time is lost between bends by handling: changeover time between ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ points of the beam and the back-gauge positioning speed.

Continuous Innovation: Since introducing the first Mechatronic press brake, SAFAN has followed a path of continuous innovation by optimizing their entire line of brakes and shears, refining their products’ electronics, and expanded their range of applications.

SAFAN’s electronic control system ensures short response and delay times, which result in bending speeds of up to 20 mm per second.  The high acceleration and other servo-motor characteristics result in a fast approach speed and a seamless changeover to bending speed.

Safety: SAFAN’s E-brakes have enhanced safety features that permit operators to increase productivity safely.  Operators can work at high speeds without risk because of the active safety system built into the touch control-screen.

The safety light curtain is programmable from the touch-screen panel with multiple settings to maximize both operator safety and productivity.  The programmable light curtain allows operators to move the upper beam and back gauge into the next step/position without depressing the foot pedal, which means that the machine automatically moves into position for the next step while handling the sheet-metal.

Results: These features combine to deliver a typical cycle that is 30% faster than conventional brake presses.  And the absence of hydraulics means no seals or pressure valves, which results in less downtime and lower maintenance costs.  Finally, the SAFAN E-brake uses much less energy than conventional presses because the motors only operate when the beam is actually moving, saving you plenty of energy dollars.

>> Westway Machinery—Ontario’s leading choice for metal-forming and metal-fabricating machinery sales and servicing—is the proud distributor of the SAFAN electronic brake press.

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