BaykalPressBrake.120156What is the largest press brake in your custom metal fabrication shop? How does it compare to the supersize 40 foot long, 2,750-ton Baykal press brake?

This huge machine is owned by large-scale structural steel fabrication company, Grenier Industries. Weighing in at over 800,000 pounds this press brake is able to achieve a 90-degree bend on a 1-inch thick, grade-50 steel plate along the full length of the 40-foot press brake bed.

Investing in this type of equipment has opened Grenier Industries up to projects they were not even aware of before. They additionally installed a 160-ft long by 16-ft plate processing system. It cuts with plasma or oxyfuel, drills, taps, countersinks holes, surface mills, and contour bevels. This piece allows them to offer services that can be performed before the steel is bent on the brake press. By upgrading their fabrication equipment they can now offer a full array of services.

The ability to complete the whole process allows them to provide their customers an added convenience, gain a competitive advantage over other steel fabricators, and earn larger revenues.

A brake upgrade of this size is a large investment for a fabrication company to make. Here are some big ways your shop can benefit:

– A brake with a foot bed as long as 40 feet can help eliminate seams and splices.

– A big press brake will be a large upfront cost, but it will reduce labour times and produce a higher quality product at a lower production cost

– Larger fabrication equipment will expand your customer base, allowing you to take on big metal-forming jobs that you don’t currently qualify for.

Consider these facts and potential opportunities before you buy your next machine.

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